Ember is not an assassin, Death is

Dad came back home with a bag of goodies in his hands and his usual smile on his mouth.

"I've got news"  he said

Ears leaned in, expecting some general news. Dad sat down, silent, still wearing his sanguine, always optimistic smile.

"Talk na" said my now anxious ma.

He looked at ma intently before spewing in her face like vomit

'Papa Ella is dead! Papa Ella is dead! Papa Ella is dead!'

My eyes and mouth widened as my brain froze. Ma didn't know when she sent what she had in her hand flying across the room.

Even my sister had now heard and burst out of her room, with hands on head or something like that. I can't quite remember but one of those body gestures that suggests grievance, I was too frozen to notice.

Daddy Ella, (I never knew his name) our very nice, peaceful and helpful former neighbour had died in a stroke leaving his young wife and two girls under 8 years old behind.

I let the news sink in and there was just this one thought blaring …

When Nature Calls

You know the feeling don't you?

When the force of nature descends upon you and potty sausage holds your bowels hostage in a public place.

Fewer things can make the human body break out sweat like this siege.

And you are inches away from running mad.
All fades away, all. Food, chit-chat, whatever. There is but one goal in your mind: Make this shit history!

You enter the first rest room you can find and by intuition you can tell if someone is in a cubicle or not.

Rats and tatters! You perceive someone is in there, yet driven by a frenzy that you cannot control, you approach the cubicle and still knock.

Why do we still knock?

Even if the person said 'Yes?', It would never mean for us to come in.

But we still knock anyway. Hoping against hope.

And we would knock on every cubicle until we see that empty, inviting closet and finally answer the call of nature.

And you know the best part....

When you shed those tears of joy.

Pure joy. 
When the creator made us, the first call he made …

Family Way IV

I first met her at a vigil - a teenager's vigil.

It was not the typical vigil where we prayed for Holy Ghost to fall on us for the power to fulfill destiny or for the Host of Heaven to deliver us from every battle of witchcraft or something. It was more like a 'teens nite out' where we discussed issues that were prevalent among the adolescents - self esteem, relationships and sexual purity. The church was packed full with teenagers and youths.

Many of them had invited someone. I knew my teens by heart and I could tell the ones that were first timers. The program was lively and they were very participative in the various sessions we had. I shook my head at some point, wondering if the teenagers would last this long awake if it was a typical prayer vigil. At 3 am, because of 'love talk,' their eyes were still bright like torches with charged batteries... Teenagers.

I couldn't judge them, I was no exemption myself, my spiritual life fluctuated badly when I was th…

Family Way III

His eyes,

I didn't like the way his widened eyes was staring at me, pouring out surprise? suspicion? disappointment?

I let Nneka go.

To protect my reputation I would have loved to explain myself but that would be hanging myself in the long run.

The fact that he didn't say anything made my mental torment worse.

"Well here goes my reputation," I thought as I walked past the head usher, Mr Toba. Nneka stood there still, stroking her wrist because of the pressure I had placed on it.

I heard Mr Toba say something I couldn't pick out to her, it must have annoyed her enough for her to hiss at him and walk out on him, walking past me as well towards the church's compound exit.

Outside the church premises, I took my phone and dialed Laide's number one more time, never to go through. I stopped at a loss of what to do.

My brain was jammed. I could not think for myself. I wanted to lift my eyes to heaven to ask for direction when guilt pulled my gaze downwards.


Family Way: Part II

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Service was over, People were leaving the church in droves, people were patronizing the mobile yoghurt sellers, snacks and zobo sellers. Others had meetings as church executives. Been an executive myself I ought to be attending one but that was far from my mind right now. I was still seating, dialing Laide's number only to hear the midi 'not available' tone for the hundredth time. I scanned the church and sighted Nneka  moving towards the old children's church. I had been eyeing her like a secret agent through service, looking for every opportunity to confront her alone. I stood up to trail her with stealth. I perceived the old building was empty so I hastened my steps to unleash my anger on unruly human being. She was unaware of anyone following her until I yanked her arm, but with quick reflex, she pulled her arm from my grip. My left hand shot out almost immediately securing Nneka between shoulder and elbow joint, shook her and shout…


I watched a Mount Zion Movie series recently - HOUSE ON FIRE. (You should see it. Really awesome) And I had a nostalgic feeling about some of the old movie series they used to produce. Particularly one, 'Agbara nla' (Ultimate Power) released in 1992 but I got to watch much later.

For many people, the movie was scary. Damn scary. Apart from the good storyline and top notch acting that could rival any Nollywood movie at that time, I could dare say the terrifying scenes were the movies' selling point. You just need to play 'Agbara nla' for your stubborn kids or backsliding spouse and they will at least for next 24 hours, adjust themselves. (24 hours guaranteed)

The Outfit, Mount Zion Film Productions was one of the First Christian Drama groups to go on Television (if not the first) and depict that warfare aspect of the Christian faith especially in the African climate that is host to many, many territorial deities, ancestral spirits and obviously, witchcraft.

They (M…

Family Way

Sorry guys. Took a really long break. I can't apologize enough. So I'm gonna give you a story I wrote today. Enjoy.

I got in just at the nick of time. Sunday school was just about to start. Despite the cold weather, My forehead and armpits area was already wet with sweat as I had run to church. I scanned for her among the people who were seated but she was absent. I did not know whether that was a good or a bad thing. I shoved that thought at the back of my mind.

 "Praise the Lord."


"Let us pray. Father Lord we..."

Nneka let out a shrill cry or was it laughter...

Everyone turned and looked at her. Even people from other Sunday school classes turned to look at her.

I looked into her eyes, my eyeballs trying holds hers in questioning. I was not Alagbada ina who had eyes of fire. But I have earned enough respect from my teenagers to demand compliance from them, even with my facial features. But today Nneka stared right back...

With no shame.